We’ve helped our local heroes save over $61K this year!

Homes for Heroes is such an incredible organization and network of real estate, mortgage, and local business specialists who are dedicated to helping heroes save on their homes. It was established with the goal of giving back to firefighters, law enforcement, military, EMS, healthcare professionals and teachers and proudly provides them with more savings than any other national program. Furthermore, a portion of all proceeds from homes bought or sold by heroes is donated to the Homes for Heroes Foundation, which further benefits our heroes and communities!

So far in the first 6 months of 2020, we have sold 36 Homes For Heroes’ clients, where we have donated over $61k to encourage home ownership in the Hero Community.  We love being a part of an organization that helps those who care for us, educate our children and keep us safe.  Thank you for allowing us to give something back. If you are a Veteran, or work for a Police or Fire Department, Medical Facility, or a School board, you qualify to be a part of this program that financially assists you with your home purchase.  Reach out to us!


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